Hi everyone, I hope you’re well.

With a little luck I’ll be able to get back to work soon – just waiting for the go-ahead from Boris and the DVSA.

When I do, I’ll have to make a few changes to the way I do things.

We all have to be Covid secure nowadays!

Your responsibility:

  • It will be necessary for you to wash your hands before coming out for the lessons.
  • If possible put on a pair of disposable gloves just before entering the car.
  • You’ll also need to wear a face mask during the lesson.
  • If YOU or ANYONE IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD has Covid symptoms, please cancel your lesson.

My responsibility:

  • Also wash hands regularly.
  • Wear gloves and mask during the lesson.
  • Clean the touch-points of the car (steering wheel/gear stick/light controls/seat belt/door handles/seat adjuster/etc) before each driver changeover.
  • I WILL NOT teach if I or anyone in my household develops Covid symptoms and WILL NOT ALLOW your lesson to take place if you are showing symptoms on the day – Again, if you have symptoms, please cancel.

To minimise the occasions between lessons when I need to disinfect the car, I’ll be conducting 2-hour lessons ONLY. This means instead of my usual seven time slots, there will be only four.

To begin with I’ll limit you to ONE lesson per week (not including tests), but that could change depending on demand and what free space I have.

Please see the diary image below and let me know which time slot would suit you best. Please also give me a second or even third choice should your preferred choice already be taken.

As usual, I’ll be working on a first-come-first-served basis. But if you have specific need of a certain time, let me know and I’ll see what I can do. As usual though, if we can agree a regular weekly time you’ll be able to reserve that slot for a few weeks ahead.

I’ll do my best to let you have the time you request, but some negotiation may be necessary if several of you are requesting the same time – I can’t be in two places at once 😉

What to do now…

Choose your preferred time(s) and text me.

Then we just need to wait for Boris. I will try to give you as much notice as possible before restarting.


If you don’t feel safe or someone in your house is vulnerable, no problem. We can restart when YOU are ready.

I hope that all makes sense but if you or your family have any questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch.

See you soon,