I’m A Driving Instructor… Not An Internet Marketing Coach

I’m A Driving Instructor… Not An Internet Marketing Coach

driving lessons in coventry - coasting down hill

Hi, and welcome once again to another ramble. This week I want to spend some time answering the questions building up in my inbox. I make a point to reply to each and every one personally, but I thought some of them might help my general audience as well.

What is wrong with COASTING?

driving lessons in coventry - coasting down hill

Coasting is like controlling a speeding go kart!

I seem to get this question a lot. It seems that many of you already know what coasting is but can’t really see the problem with it. What it is, is simply having your clutch pedal on the floor when it should be released. In other words you have disconnected the engine and are essentially free-wheeling when you should be driving under the influence of the engine.

So what is the problem?

Basically you have a lack of control. If the clutch pedal is up where it should be and the engine is connected, the speed of the engine determines the speed of the wheels. If the clutch is down the speed of the car needs to be controlled by excessive use of the brakes or worse still… GRAVITY.

If you happen to be coasting downhill, you might experience acceleration due to gravity. This can be unnerving and even frightening to the inexperienced driver. Without the engine having any effect on the speed, the brakes now have to work twice as hard to regain control.

If I cross my arms while steering… Will I Fail?

driving lessons in coventry on steering

Bad steering or Good steering?

Another burning question. Many of my subscribers seems to have their own opinions on this issue. If the steering is ‘in control’ why does it matter if I cross my hands?

My counter question has to be… If you are crossing your hands while steering… Are you still in control? A more experienced driver might say yes, but a novice driver probably can’t make that claim. It has been argued by many experienced drivers that ‘rotational steering’ gives just as much control and even quicker response… so why is it not allowed?

Simple answer… I DO NOT KNOW!!!

Seriously, the only half sensible explanation I’ve been given is this… If the car was hit or crashed while you were crossing your arms and the airbag went off, you might break your arms or nose with the impact. Surely that would be the least of your worries though if your car has been hit or crashed. Don’t you think?

HOWEVER… The DVSA consider rotational steering to be a ‘bad habit’ and will continue to mark candidates down for demonstrating the technique. So don’t do it. You have been warned!!

Can you help me set up my website?

You may think this is a strange question, but it’s one I get regularly. Some of you may know that I have an Internet Marketing business which I run along side my driving school. Running an online business is the perfect add-on to the driving school because it takes up very little of my time once it’s all in place. But I want to make clear to you that I am a full time driving instructor, not an Internet marketing coach.

TidyCar Logo

I try to keep my online business closely related to my driving school. For those of you that don’t know, some of my online products include ebooks, online videos, paperback books, DVDs and now even ‘Tidy Car’ travel accessories which I sell through Amazon. The ebooks and online videos are available through my website and the physical products through Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com. I also have a few titles available on Kindle if you’re interested.

Until very recently I was merely a doer not a teacher in this field… in fact I’m still not really a teacher but I have set up a website to help you if you wanted to set up a similar web business of your own. I’ve made available many of the tutorial and seminar videos I used to gain the knowledge to get started and build a successful online business.

If you are one of those subscribers who asked for help with your website or if this has sparked any interest at all… Take a look at my new online business training website.

Now listen….

I want to make this blog a two way street. I don’t want to guess what you might want to hear about, I want you to tell me. And no that’s not a cop out, I’ll be the one answering your questions and giving you all my best tips and hints. I just need to know which hints and tips to give… So ask away.

Put your questions in the comment box below, along with any general comments of course, and I’ll do my best to answer each any every query.

Until next time… safe driving.

Phill G