Driving Lessons Cancellation Policy

If you book a lesson, you may cancel or rearrange that lesson free of charge but PLEASE try to give a minimum of 24 hours notice as this gives me time to take another booking in your place.

If you are a ‘serial canceller’ then a late cancellation, within 24hrs, will be subject to a cancellation penalty of full price per hour cancelled. If the lessons were pre-paid you will have a choice between the cancellation penalty OR forfeiting that lesson.

If you fail to attend a lesson without cancelling, (i.e. I turn up and you’re not there) the full price of the lesson will be expected. If the lesson was pre-paid, that lesson will be forfeit. Exceptions may be made in certain circumstances at my discretion.

Repeat offenders will only be allowed to book further lessons on the strict understanding that they may NOT be cancelled without penalty. (i.e. If you book it, you pay for it.)

Refund Policy

Refunds for pre-paid lessons will be given if required, subject to the deduction of the full hourly rate for any lessons taken plus any cancellation penalties which may apply. There will also be a nominal 10% course cancellation fee calculated on the amount paid for the current block of lessons.

Should a period of 6 MONTHS elapse without contact or prior arrangement, any and all pre-paid lessons will be forfeit and no refund will be given.

For the UNLIMITED* hours deal, you may request a refund subject to the above terms up until 30 hours have been taken. Once 30 hours tuition has been given you will not be entitled to any refund, although you may cancel your lessons at your discretion.

*Unlimited hours are subject to availability, a maximum of TWO hours in any one day and a maximum 12 month timeframe. If further lessons are required after 12 months, then further payment will be required.

Kindest regards,

Phill Godridge
Driving Instructor