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The Cockpit Drill and other necessary life skills.

Red arrows and vulcan bomber by Vicki Godridge

Hi and welcome to another week of ramblings.

It’s been a busy week in the Godridge household. On Sunday we went off to the Royal Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford and on Wednesday night my wife and I took in a bit of culture with the Merchant of Venice!

The Royal Air Tattoo is one of my favourite events of the year. I suppose it’s due to my family’s military background, especially the RAF, but I love watching and hearing the fast jets and smelling the jet fuel. Sends me straight back to my childhood, sitting on the roof of my Dad’s Ford Cortina to get a better Read More

Does The Driving School Car Affect The Lesson Price?

Driving school cars in Coventry

What make and model of car are you learning to drive in?

Or if you’re just looking to start lessons… What sort of car are you wanting to learn to drive in? Have you given it any thought? Does it matter? Do you really even have a choice?

Driving school cars in Coventry

Which is best – Peugeot 207 or Mercedes Benz A200?

Over the years I’ve had several different models, but they’ve all been a similar style of car: Peugeot 106, Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa, Peugeot 207. Some had 3 doors, some had 5. Most were diesel, one was petrol. Two were black, two were green and one was red (seriously… that matters to some callers!).

I’ve always seen my tuition car as Read More

Real People – Real Driving Test Fails!

Another driving test pass in Coventry for Phill Godridge Driving School

Huge commiserations on your recent Driving Test Fail…

You see so many driving school websites and Facebook pages with picture after picture of happy faces, holding up their pass certificate and nicely advertising the instructor’s car… But what about the ones who didn’t pass?

In this post I’m going to examine the three driving tests taken by my pupils last week. I had one pass and it was a 1st time pass, but I also had Read More

The Burning Questions About Driving Lessons

So you’re looking for a driving school.

Your mates have recommended someone. Your parents friends have recommended someone. You’ve seen adverts on telly. You’ve looked up driving schools in your area on Google… you may even have looked in the Yellow Pages (remember that?).

You have a short list of driving schools and you want to find out which one to take lessons with. You grab your phone (or laptop) and you give the first one a call (or email).

…and you ask….. Read More

DrivingTips Newsletter – 2.7.15

Clutch control from driving school coventry

Hi all and welcome to the second post on this brand new blog.

Let’s Start The Automatic Vs Manual Debate

This week I’ll be examining the differences between driving automatic cars and manual cars… Are automatics easier to drive?

Clutch control from driving school coventry

It’s all about Clutch Control

When I first started out as a DRIVING INSTRUCTOR it never even occurred to me that I could or should teach in an automatic car. There were a few, and I mean maybe 3 driving schools in Coventry that had an automatic car for lessons. These tended to be reserved for those with disabilities or REAL difficulty using a manual. These days there are literally dozens of schools in the city offering autos. Many ONLY use autos!

Why? Is it really that much simpler to drive an automatic? Read More