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Take The DrivingTips 20 Hour Challenge

Dear Aspiring Driver,

Many driving schools make ‘Silly Offers’ – 5 Hours for £25 – 10 Hours for £99 – Pass In A Week –  that sort of thing. Well, not me. I do things a little differently. In fact I’m going to charge you MORE to start with and LESS as you go along – Let me explain…

I pick up lots of pupils who’ve had lessons elsewhere, sometimes with several instructors. They switch instructors for all kinds of reasons, some genuine, some not. But one of the reasons they switch is because of the ‘extra’ they’re expected to pay.

If I charged you £10 per hour for your first 10 hours and then hiked the price to £27 per hour from then on… you’d probably switch too!

I also pick up a lot of pupils who tell me they’ve had 60+ hours with another instructor…


The average, according to the DSA, is 45 hours tuition before passing a driving test. Personally I like to think of that as a MAXIMUM not an average. I believe I can teach ANYONE how to drive in about 20 hours. That’s right TWENTY hours. Then with a bit more PRACTICE, say 10 to 15 hours, you should be up to TEST STANDARD – and that’s my challenge.

So would you prefer to pay ‘Joe Bloggs’ Driving School £15 per hour for 60+ hours or Phill Godridge Driving School £25 per hour for 30-35 hours?

Well with my latest offer you won’t even have to pay that!

If you show a little commitment and pay in advance for 20 hours at FULL PRICE… I’ll reduce the price of extra lessons by a massive 20%.

  • Pay £499 for 20 hours (or split it – 2 x £250 for 10)

I take the risk and I put my money, and teaching skill, where my mouth is…

  • If you need more than 20 hours (…you’ll probably want a bit more practice before your driving test) I’ll drop my price to just £20 per hour* from then on for as long as you need.

Not only should that encourage you stay, but it encourages me to teach! If you NEED many more than 20 hours (…there’s always some that do!) I start to lose out. The pressure is on me to teach you what you need to know, and quickly.

Now don’t worry, I’m NOT going to rush you. Everyone learns at their own pace. But I do believe that ‘on average’ I can teach the full syllabus in around 20 hours, and I’m willing to give you a discount and reduce my price after that point.

That’s the “20 Hour Challenge” – Challenge me to teach you in 20 hours, which you can do in as little as 2 weeks, and only pay me £20 per extra hour you need.

So to sum up:

  • Take a 20 hour course of lessons for £499
    (May be split into TWO blocks of 10 for £250 each)
  • and pay Just £20 per hour thereafter*

NOTE: You can just pay-as-you-go at a flat rate of just £25 per hour if you prefer. But you ONLY get the discounted rate after 20 hours if you pay for the course in advance.

To Book a Driving Lesson (…or ask questions) Call Me Today

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BUT BEFORE YOU DECIDE…  Take a look at everything else you’ll get when you take driving lessons in Coventry with Phill Godridge Driving School.

It’s NOT just about driving lessons…

If you want Driving Tuition in Coventry and have been searching around for the right Driving School, please give me just 5 minutes to introduce myself and show you exactly what I can do to Help You Pass Your Driving Test in Coventry.

My name is Phill Godridge.

Phill Godridge Driving School Coventry

Hi, this is me!

I’ve been a Professional Driving Instructor running my own Independent Driving School here in Coventry for over 17 years.

In fact Phill Godridge Driving School was established in Coventry in 1997 and before that I had been a franchised driving instructor with Acclaim Driving Academy since February 1996.

In that time I’ve personally taught over 500 people to drive.
(…and counting!)

I have two very simple aims…

Passing the driving test in Coventry

Leix Passed His Driving Test in Warwick

1. You will learn how to drive.

2. You will learn how to pass your driving test.

“Aren’t they the same thing?” Well… No, not really. It would be nice to think that everyone would drive the way they were taught to pass a driving test, but in reality that does not happen.

My First Aim… is to teach you how to correctly control the car and to give you the skills and ability to improvise when needed. Not everything will be rehearsed and not everything will be obvious. But with my guidance, you will gain the experience to deal with whatever the road throws at you.

My Second Aim… is to get you up to a consistent level of driving so that you can drive around a complete driving test route without losing concentration and making silly mistakes.

But You Don’t Know Me!

I passed with Phill Godridge Driving School in Coventry

Vicky Passed Her Driving Test in Coventry

So Here’s A Little More About Me …and My Coventry Based Driving School.

As a Driving Instructor living in Coventry, I focus my instructing in and around the Coventry area but if you live in Coventry and wish to take your driving test at Warwick Driving Test Centre instead of Coventry, then give me a call.

  • Every year I keep accurate records of my pupils’ successes and average about a 60% first time pass rate. Simply put that means that MOST (but not all) of my pupils pass the driving test on the first attempt.
  • You can book Driving Lessons in Coventry in 1 hour or 2 hour slots with no ‘piggy-backing’. In other words you will have the full hour, or two, to yourself in the car, picked up and dropped off from home, work or college.

I do work on a first-come-first-served basis, so advanced bookings are advised.

I am a registered member of the DIA and the Professional Driving Instructors Association, Coventry.

DIA logo PDIAC logo
Now here’s a little something extra I’ll give you, to help you on your way…

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Now get this… When you take Driving Lessons in Coventry with Phill Godridge Driving School you’ll get ALL this… and more.

  • That’s a FREE COPY of “The Easy Way To Pass Your Driving Test – 10 Simple Steps To Success”
  • LIFETIME FREE ACCESS to “How To Pass Your Driving Test In Coventry” and
  • LIFETIME FREE ACCESS to “Virtual Driving School” online training
Passed Driving Test in Warwick

Marcelline Passed Her Driving Test in Warwick

…and loads more online bonuses.


  • FREE VIDEOS showing the right way to do the manoeuvres
  • A Free Digital Copy of my best-selling ebook “The Top 10 Reasons Why People FAIL The Driving Test”
  • And a FREE Printed Copy of “How To Pass Your Driving Test In Coventry” (while stocks last)

Hey, Don’t take my word for it…

Read what some of my pupils have to say… (Read more on Facebook)

Passed driving test in Coventry

Majid Passed His Driving Test in Coventry

“Hi Phill… Remember me?

It is 5 years today since I passed my Driving Test (first go), I never thought I would get there, but thanks to you I did. Since then I am now driving a Volkswagon Golf TSI 2009. I have driven to Scotland and back (besides all over Scotland) 4 times. This time last year I drove in a hired car around Durban South Africa and on a Safari.

I was 50 when I passed my test and it has opened up a whole new world, seeing places I would not have seen otherwise. I would advise anybody not to let age put them off. I cried many tears trying, and at one point I did not think I could do it, but I did and that is thanks to you. October The Lake District and hopefully many more years.

Thanks Phill. Shelly”

“Hi Phill, I am writing to you to thank you for your help in getting me through my driving test. I would like it to be known to anyone of interest that I would highly recommend you as their driving instructor, as you are calming and reassuring in the way you give instruction and tutoring. So if you ever need a reference please do not hesitate in using this email or giving my name.

Once again thank you.

All the best, Lynne”

Passing the driving test

Scott Passed His Driving Test in Coventry

“Hi Phill, long time since I’ve been in touch, thought I’d update you with my driving progress!

3 weeks after passing the test in March I purchased a Mk3 VW Polo, ’94 (M Reg) 1.3l at a bargain price with 11 months MOT and 5 months tax. It had 44,000 on the clock with one lady owner for the majority of it’s life.

Since March the Polo’s run up to 53,000.

Have also driven a few more modern cars with work and adapted well to them each time. Driving comes quite naturally to me now.

I want to thank you for your patience and easy nature during my lessons. Though most of the time I was a nervous wreck or in panic mode your ability to talk me through the procedures made it possible. Thank you.

I hope you are well and business is growing and continues to do so. I will surely recommend you to all friends wanting to learn.

All the best, Chris”

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To Book a Driving Lesson (…or ask questions) Call Me Today

Home – (024) 76550087
Mobile – 07742 285090
or Click Here to Email Me

To your driving success,


Phill Godridge BSc DSA ADI

[*Terms & Conditions: To qualify for the reduced rate you need to show willing and commitment. You must take regular lessons without excessive gaps in between and without repeated cancellations. This will be assessed on a personal basis and discussed openly before any decision is taken.]